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the bot agency is a startup specialized in conversational and automatized chatbots
The Bot Agency is a french startup launched in 2017 by Mathieu Dufour and teamed up with some others developers located in Bordeaux.
Our team is fully qualified to create, design and empower your chatbots. We use technologies such as NodeJS, PHP, Python, MongoDB, Random Access Navigation, Natural Language Processing and many others to sharp our clients chatbots.
Our expertise allows us to create BtoB and BtC chatbots for many available platforms such as Messenger, Kik, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, SMS and many others! Everyday, we improve our knowledge and make a proactive technology monitoring to anticipate changes in the chatbot world.
The Bot Agency is in partnership with other techs companies in the world.
Pykto.fr is a french web agency based in Bordeaux with clients and customers in France. This society is specialized in websites, web-apps, web-hosting, SEO/SEA, ... Every bot needs a one-page website to introduce him to other clients and users, gain times and money for the creation of your chatbot by The Bot Agency and its website by Pykto.

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