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It could be difficult to understand the real advantages of chatbots, learn more about them with our little explanation!
the answer to life, the universe and everything else is bots
A bot (or robot) is a software or script that automatically performs a specific task. For instance, it adds events to a calendar, retrieves information, delivers you flowers. Bots first appeared 50 years ago with the famous mathematician Alan Turing and his fascination for the Human Machine Interface.
so today, what is a chatbot?
Thanks to the artificial neural networks, the algorithms to understand and interpret the human natural language are more efficient than ever! It allows chatbots to have better interactions with users and audiences. Thus it seems natural to place the bots directly within the messaging applications, hence the term chatbot.
many users, many platforms
With 900 millions users, Facebook seems to be the best place for chatbots, but it's not the only one! Skype, Kik, Slack, Telegram and Google are in the game too... The IA pair with Big Data change and will change the face of classical and impersonal bots.
the end of applications?
Why use a ton of applications in your smartphone when you can do all what you want and need with chatbots? Some experts think that the constantly augmentation of chatbots will make an end to the applications, but for now, the editors only put simple commands into their bots, and redirect the users to their own application when there are more specifics tasks to do... It seems a better way to gain new audience for mobile apps!
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